At your next job interview, work to set expectations

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If you are in the market for a new job, take a moment to consider this reality about your next job interview.

When you walk into your next job interview, you are one in a line of people interviewing for the same job. Only one person will get the offer.

There is a good chance that when interviewers are going through their notes and deciding who to hire, someone will refer to you be asking, “Now, which person is this?”

That’s not a good sign.

Let’s face it:

  • Some job candidates fall short of meeting expectations.
  • Others meet them, but aren’t memorable
  • Competitive folks often exceed expectations
  • A very select few set expectations & truly stand out

If you want to be in the final group, work to achieve the following:

  • Own the room, without being egotistical.
  • Teach them something they didn’t know, without lecturing.
  • Demonstrate that you have already done what they are looking for, without being arrogant.
  • Make them forget that anyone else interviewed, without saying a negative word.
  • Let them know that you appreciate their time and want the job, without being patronizing.