True Strategy or Cow Crap

Take a look at how these cows behave and ask yourself if you and your business are falling into the same trap.  In less than two minutes, you will be challenged to revisit your strategy.

Measuring Busyness

Have you and your team confused busyness with results? It’s a dangerous and common trap. Watch this video to learn about the problem and gain insight into how to improve performance.

Underdog – 4 Keys to Winning

At one time, we are all underdogs. Learn a valuable lesson about being an underdog and how to win despite the odds being stacked against you.

Messages that Work – A Lesson from Nashville

There is a lot of noise in today’s world. That noise can cause your emails, ads, presentations, etc. to be lost. Take a look at a message that cuts through the noise and learn what you can do starting today.