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Collision of Autobiographies

In the United States alone, some 94% of annual car accidents (over 2 million of them) are the result of human error (U.S., DOT). This staggering statistic is a huge catalyst for the self-driving car movement.

I’m cautiously optimistic that self-driving vehicles will save many lives in the future.

Unfortunately, self-driving technology won’t save us from a different collision that is happening in our daily lives at work and home.   This is the collision of autobiographies.  I know there have been plenty of times where my focus on me, myself, and I collides directly with someone else’s concern for self. Neither of us benefit from these encounters. Fortunately, I don’t have to wait for an advancement in technology to avoid future “accidents.”

I simply need to:

  • Hit pause
  • Become more aware of my mindset and behaviors
  • Set aside my desire to impress others or be heard first
  • Make an effort to listen to others first (really listen)

If I (we) can figure this out, I think we will go a long way toward avoiding lots of collisions today, tomorrow, and into the future.

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