May 2017

The Power of Creating a Culture of ‘Owners’​

In our forthcoming book on culture, my colleague, Shawn Moon, and I pose the question.

“Who washes a rental car?”

Our answer: “No one.”

Why? “Renters don’t own rental cars.”

As this idea settles in on you, allow me to expand a bit on the concept of ownership. In doing so, I’m going to argue the following:

How Great Leaders Communicate: 5 Key Choices…

“Leadership is first, and foremost, a communication activity.” – Hackman & Johnson

We’ve all benefited from the communication efforts of great leaders.

We’ve also suffered through the pains of poor communicators in leadership roles.

I’ve found that great leaders regularly make five communication choices. I invite you to review each, assess how well you are doing, and consider a few quick challenges to improve yourself. I also recommend you share these with new or struggling leaders to help them improve their performance.

This Road Warrior Remembers True Warriors

My plane pushed back from the gate at 6pm this past Thursday night – 4 1/2 hours of sitting on the tarmac it returned to the same gate at 10:30pm.

Nearly 24 hours later I finally made it home.

I then remembered it was Memorial Day Weekend and how quickly I forgot the lesson I learned just a couple of years ago. This post, from three years ago, will hopefully help all of us to keep things in perspective.

Share a Coke & Learn Three “Refreshing” Leadership Lessons

Coca-Cola launched its Share a Coke® Campaign again this summer. If you haven’t seen it, odds are you simply aren’t paying attention. If you hustle to the grocery store, you will likely discover bottles emblazoned with first names – perhaps even yours. As a twist this year, coke products also feature a select group of last names. I doubt Leddin is on the list, but maybe your last name made the cut.