June 2017

Amazon Buying Whole Foods: An Amazon Strategy Lesson 21 Years in the Making

In recent days, cable news business shows, print newspapers, and social media outlets have been packed with extensive commentary about Amazon strategy to pay $13+ billion to acquire Whole Foods. Speculation runs the gambit about the short- and long-term impact of Amazon’s latest move.

Today’s Wall Street Journal (WSJ) says it well:

WSJ Reports YOU Will Be Less Successful, Here’s 4 Entrepreneurial Lessons to Prove Them Wrong

Earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) proclaimed that Barely Half of 30-Year-Olds Earn More Than Their Parents. The piece, written by Senior Editor Bob Davis, explains that middle class wage stagnation makes it near impossible to reverse this trend. Perhaps these four entrepreneurial lessons will prove them wrong.

What Disney’s $34B Brand Can Teach You & Your Business

Odds are you know something about Disney. Perhaps you’ve:

  • Watched Disney movies
  • Picked a favorite character
  • Made the trek to one of their theme parks
  • Bought a Disney toy
  • Or, interacted in one of a countless number of ways with Walt’s company.

Heck, you may even be a true Disneyphile (yes, that’s a term) defined as:

5 Building Blocks of Lego Success

Odds are that you have either bought, played with, or at least stepped on a Lego (fellow parents know what I mean).

Why do I believe this to be true? Well, there are lots of Lego pieces out there…

Since inception, Lego has produced over 650 billion pieces. That’s nearly 93 blocks for every man, woman, and child currently living on the planet. They’ve also manufactured 4 billion lego mini figures – one small Lego ‘person’ for every 1.75 people on earth.

Great Leaders Address 5 Key Issues to Drive Engagement

Are you effectively engaging both the passion and potential of your people in order to bring out their very best?

If you can honestly answer “yes” to this question. That’s wonderful.

I would imagine that many of your people do love their jobs as they find them fulfilling and a source of purpose and enjoyment.

Smart Leaders Don’t Fuel a Culture of Busyness.

“Leaders Beware! Every time you open your mouth, you create culture.” – Stephen R. Covey

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that in most organizations, most of the time, people tend to do what leaders check.

This doesn’t mean that team members believe it’s important. Nor, does it mean that they are excited about, energized from, or committed to the activity. It simply means they do it because they know that the leader will ask about it.

At your next job interview, work to set expectations

If you are in the market for a new job, take a moment to consider this reality about your next job interview.

When you walk into your next job interview, you are one in a line of people interviewing for the same job. Only one person will get the offer.

There is a good chance that when interviewers are going through their notes and deciding who to hire, someone will refer to you be asking, “Now, which person is this?”

Overcoming a Lack of Shared Expectations

Arguably, the #1 source of friction and relationship erosion between a team leader and a team member is a lack of shared expectations.

We have all been there. (Perhaps you are there right now.)

Things start strong. Both team member and team leader are looking forward to great results in the new quarter.