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5 Behaviors of True Win-Win Negotiators Graphic

Odds are that on any given day, you find yourself in multiple negotiations with friends, family members, co-workers, direct reports, and even your boss. For many of us, negotiating happens so often, we fail to even notice it, think about it, or prepare for it. We just do it. And, frankly we often do it poorly.

If you want to be a win-win negotiator, embrace five behaviors:

1.  Think win-win (not a behavior per se, but work with me)

2.  Ask. ‘What’s a win for you?”

3.  Share, “Here’s a win for me…”

4.  Explore possibilities

5.  Stay true to commitments

Earlier this year, I wrote an article about the 5 Behaviors of True Win-Win Negotiators. Click here to read it. You can find a pdf version of the 5 behaviors’ graphic here.

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