Are You Outstanding in Your Field?

I took this photo this week when we visited my in laws farm. You just can’t take a bad picture of these cows.

The old joke about a farmer being ‘outstanding’ in his/her field popped into my head.

A couple of months ago, we were up at the farm and I made this quick video about strategy. I thought you might enjoy it as it poses a question about what type of strategy you are pursuing.

As you watch the video, consider these questions.

  • Will your strategy make you, your team, and your organization outstanding in your field?
  • Or, will you just be one of many in the herd?

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The 4 Key Differentiators of Truly Great Leaders

I invite you to take a moment to think about a great leader that you know. This may be someone you worked with in the past; or, if you are lucky, someone you work with now.

With that person in my mind, I bet I can predict two things about that leader.

First, that great leader led a team that delivered great results. Frankly, if the leader didn’t deliver great results, you probably wouldn’t have assigned the title ‘great’.

Have You Ever Been in this Boat?

Creating a grand strategy – without the associated resources needed to execute it – is a recipe for frustration, disengagement, and many undesirable consequences.

Have you ever found yourself in this boat?

Are you putting your people in this situation, by expecting more than you’ve prepared, equipped, or even allow them to accomplish?