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4 Steps to Sky High Customer Service

The overhead bins were nearly full, but it appeared that all of the carryon luggage would find a secure home. The last few passengers were settling into their seats, when the plane’s captain emerged from the cockpit and to make an announcement.

He introduced himself as Captain Tim and welcomed everyone aboard for what he promised to be an uneventful and safe journey. Captain Tim had a pleasant disposition, an apparent firm grasp of his role, and a dash of humor that no doubt put anxious passengers at ease.

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Taking Employees from Disengaged to Fired Up

When you look across your organization, do you see anyone that you consider disengaged, perhaps a bit lazy, lacking in motivation, or somewhat unreachable?

Odds are that the person you just thought of has more passion, creativity, or excitement within him than you can imagine. The problem is that for some reason, he is not bringing it to work each day.

Speak Your Customer’s Language

Imagine for a moment that after seeing one of my articles or videos, you decide to invite me to your organization.

We coordinate the visit, discuss what we hope to accomplish, and I make the journey to your workplace. The arrival goes as planned and after we exchange a few pleasantries, we begin our day.

How to Create a Culture of Engagement – A Tool to Get You Started

I invite you to take a moment to consider the people on your team or in the broader organization.

No matter how large or small the universe of employees, I bet you can think of someone who seems born for a particular role and another who is likely sending out resumes in hopes of finding a new job.

Lights, Camera, & Bad Behavior: Avoid Hollywood Drama in Your Culture

In the last several weeks, a host of celebrities have made allegations of sexual harassment or assault against Harvey Weinstein.

If you are unfamiliar with the story, suffice it to say that Weinstein, a powerful Hollywood mogul, appears to have used his position and influence over numerous women in an attempt to coerce (even demand) sexual favors.

Are You Creating a Saltwater or Freshwater Culture

Some time ago, we were recruiting for a new team member. 

After a series of interviews, we sat down to review applicants & recount the interactions. 

We were intrigued by one particular candidate. He carried himself well, answered all questions with ease, & had a very impressive resume. 

It Starts With Your Very Next Customer

I bought a cup of coffee from a small food truck (more of a cart) one day.

As I sat enjoying the brew, I snapped the photo of the tidy vehicle with a friendly proprietor offering a tasty treat.

It got me thinking about other less enjoyable customer service experiences I’ve encountered. You are likely familiar with the concept of supply and demand.

Consider Adding These to Your Office

Forbes Magazine reports that 1 in 5 employed Americans work from home. Experts believe that number will grow by 60% in the next five years. Greater flexibility, increased productivity, and financial savings are cited as the catalysts driving the teleworking trend. Small businesses, large corporations, and government agencies around the globe are participating in the work-from-home movement.

Creating a Culture Where Everyone is Heard

Deep down, we all want to be heard. Each of us yearns for our voice to count. We want to be active members of the process vice marginalized actors pushed to the side.

istockLet’s face it; many people feel that their voices aren’t heard, or even welcome. This phenomena is not limited to any particular country, industry, or business – it’s ubiquitous.