Smart Leaders Don’t Fuel a Culture of Busyness.

“Leaders Beware! Every time you open your mouth, you create culture.” – Stephen R. Covey

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that in most organizations, most of the time, people tend to do what leaders check.

This doesn’t mean that team members believe it’s important. Nor, does it mean that they are excited about, energized from, or committed to the activity. It simply means they do it because they know that the leader will ask about it.

5 Key Programs to Foster a Culture of Engagement

What are you doing to foster a culture of engagement in your organization?

These are the employees who are both passionate about the organization and have tremendous potential to do well in their roles. In short, they are engaged and contributing their best!

As a leader, the engagement level of your people often comes down to how you interact with them, and how you support or hinder their development. Over the years, I have noticed that great leaders, no matter their level in an organization, ensure that 5 key programs are in place to foster culture of engagement.

Great Leaders Create a Culture of Quitters

You are likely familiar with the concept that employees don’t quit companies, they quit leaders.

It is with this in mind that many organizations invest time, energy, and resources developing leaders who foster employee engagement.

Yes, employees might quit an organization because of a bad leader; however, these same employees may quit their own bad behaviors because of a good leader.

Watch Out for a Culture of Yes People

Many organizations are filled with ‘yes’ people. No matter what the leader says, the people around the table nod their heads in agreement.

These same head nodders will walk out of the meeting room and share with each other why something won’t work or how the boss made a bad decision.

These ‘meetings after the meeting’ are extremely damaging and all too common.

Let’s Get Real About Culture, What Does Your Organization Truly Value?

Think about your organization’s culture. What does your organization truly value?

I’m not asking what your strategic plan lists as your top goals. I’m also not referring to what senior leaders say are important initiatives. True, these may all be the same things; however, there is often a gap (sometimes a big one) between what the organization ‘says’ it truly values and what the organization ‘truly’ values.

How to Discover Your “True” Corporate Culture

I invite you to suspend reality for a moment and go on an odd, but arguably informative, journey with me. A journey to discover your “true” corporate culture.

Imagine that Charles Darwin, the 19th century English naturalist and geologist, sets sail from England aboard the HMS Beagle.

His destination – the Galapagos Islands.

How Great Leaders ‘Set’ Themselves & Their Culture Up for Success

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many great leaders. I’ve watched them interact with their people and observed the results they’ve achieved.

I’ve also noticed a pattern in how these leaders think and act.

This pattern seems to emerge regardless of leadership role, industry, or location: Here are a few quick examples:

What Reddit Can Teach You About Leading People

The self-proclaimed “front page of the internet” is big – very big. With over 174 million unique visitors each month, hailing from over 186 different countries, Reddit ( may have a few things to teach you and your organization about leading and engaging your people.

Here are 3 observations about Reddit that you might consider applying to your leadership approach: