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#1 Reason Strategy Fails and What Leaders Can Do About It

How often have you heard leaders announce a bold new initiative, only to watch it die a slow, painful death?

How often have you done this yourself in your organization or team?

Most strategies fail, not because they are poor strategies (although that happens – click here), but because they are poorly executed.

HBS Professor Identifies the Central Issue of Leadership – One Word to Help You Address the Challenge

John Kotter is a legend in the world of leadership and change. A Harvard Business School Professor Emeritus, author of numerous business articles, and consultant to Global 5000 organizations, Kotter is, “internationally known and widely regarded as the foremost speaker on the topics of Leadership and Change.” (Harvard Business School)

Use this Proven ‘Secret’ to Tap into Your Team’s Productivity

Contemplate the energy, vitality, and optimism of people who are deeply engaged, particularly in this era when our technology leaves us breathless. We are at the edge of the greatest of times.

California Gubernatorial Candidate Gavin Newsom has this insight: “The reality is, people will build cool things for the sake of building cool things. They will expend countless hours and untold energy for the sake of creating something useful or even just fun. There’s an excitement out there, a hunger to try new things, to explore the limits of what all these new technologies can do.”

You Should Listen to Apple’s Angela Ahrendts’ Leadership Advice…

When asked, “What advice would you give to a new chief executive?” the remarkable Angela Ahrendts, Senior Vice President for Retail Sales at Apple and former CEO of Burberry, has a one word answer: “Listen.” And what is the greatest mistake a leader can make? “Not listening.”

When interviewing for her role at Apple, Ahrendts told CEO Tim Cook, “I just want to be really honest with you, I’m not a techie.” After a statement like that, why would Cook hire her? Because she lacked in technical knowledge she more than made up for in experience, a desire to learn, and the ability to empathize with team members and customers.

Leadership Communication Choices

Are you making the right communication choices?

Use this graphic to remind yourself of the importance of making the right communication choices as a leader. You can read the underlying article on the topic here.  A pdf version of the following graphic is available and ready to print for free on the tools page. Simply click ‘Tools’ on the menu bar and scroll down to the heading ‘Communication’ to find the file.

“Boss” Research Says Do this for Team Accountability

If you plan to drive from New York to California, you don’t just fill your car up once with gas and expect to make it all the way there. You start out making good progress, but eventually you’re going to need to fill up again. In the same way, you need to fill your workers’ tanks by holding them accountable and reigniting their enthusiasm as they see how far they’ve come.

Schultz Has Left the Coffee Shop. Wake-up & Smell 3 Leader Lessons

The business world has watched Howard Schultz slow departure from Starbucks. He stepped down as CEO in April 2016 and as of this month transition to chairman emeritus. Many believe he will now turn his attention to brewing up a U.S. Presidential candidacy in 2020 (Fortune).

Upon his departure, I think it useful to spend a few minutes looking at what we can learn from the long-term steward of the coffee behemoth and his tenure as CEO.

These 5 Remarkable Practices Will Transform Your Organization

The principles of proactivity, execution, productivity, and trust underlie every truly great organization. These five practices leverage those principles and are foundational to sustainable success in any industry.

Do you want to change your organization for the better? Then put these five remarkable practices to work for you, your team, and your organization:

A Few Ideas to Create Effective Meetings

Here are a few ideas to help you create more effective meetings.

Print these out and keep them close. They might save you a ton of time, energy, and frustration!

Download a printable version of the graphic on the tools page. Just scroll down to the section marked meetings, find the file, and download it. It’s that easy!