patrick leddin

Delight Your Customers with a Twist on Ordinary

We often hear about the need to delight customers, but rarely find examples of simple ways to make it happen.

Allow me to introduce you to a company that has figured it out.

Meet Sprinkles.

Sprinkles sells cupcakes. That alone is pretty darn delightful, but what seems to really excite folks is how they’ve managed to take something ordinary, repurpose it, and turn it into something extraordinary.

I invite you to invest 2 minutes to see if you can do the same thing in your organization.

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Collision of Autobiographies

In the United States alone, some 94% of annual car accidents (over 2 million of them) are the result of human error (U.S., DOT). This staggering statistic is a huge catalyst for the self-driving car movement.

I’m cautiously optimistic that self-driving vehicles will save many lives in the future.

Prep Better for Your Next Meeting

Are you looking for a way to improve the effectiveness of your next meeting?

Check out the Meeting Planning Matrix. This simple worksheet helps you to ensure that all the important items are covered.

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