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Great Leaders Don’t Stay in the Dark

Those of us in the United States experienced two great leadership lessons over the last few months.

Did you pick-up on them?

Leadership Lesson #1: People are curious & want to ‘participate’ in something amazing.

A few months ago, a total solar eclipse swept across the United States. It’s estimated that 50% of the U.S. population watched the eclipse. That means millions upon millions were curious about the event and didn’t want to miss it.

Leadership Lesson #2: People are busy & have short memories.

Despite millions of people watching the event, ask around and I bet most people can’t tell you what even happened on August 21 of this year. Why? Well, 118 days has passed since the event. That means a ton of emails, meetings, customer requests, etc. have gobbled up their days.  The eclipse is a distant memory.

What about you?

Are you capitalizing on these two lessons by building something amazing that people (employees & customers) want to be part of AND are you ensuring that your vision stays alive and isn’t suffocated by busyness?

I sure hope so…


Photo by Ryan Olson on Unsplash

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