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Ode to the Human Resources Manager

Could you have envisioned at the start of your career; how your days would unfold throughout much of the year?

There are times when all is well – people are engaged; and stints when some are angry – even enraged.

When people conflict and relationships sour; they file by your office hour after hour.

“Help us work this out,” they beckon at your door; it’s like they’ve never experienced interpersonal conflict before.

But you care about them and want them to be fulfilled; you say, “Absolutely, come in,” and tell them your thrilled.

You listen to their concerns and ask questions with care; your guidance leads to agreement – the solution is fair.

On days when all is well they don’t darken your door; which is okay because your busy like never before.

True, people are the reason you got into this field; but you work at a tempo that never seems to yield.

Critical jobs are unfilled they need people this week; your delivering a training session soon and preparing to speak.

Changing employment laws are in need of review; you must read them in detail to know what to do.

Your budget is too small – money is tight; the CFO plans to take more but you’ll put up a fight.

The discussion will be tough and no doubt intense; you see people as an assessment but some see them as expense.

Days are filled with budgets, deadlines, meetings, and reviews; policy changes, planning, and job interviews.

It’s an exhausting pace and your often worn out; but then you get a glimpse of what it’s all about.

An employee gets promoted and given a raise; another does something great and receives lots of praise.

A junior associate finishes a degree that she worked on at night; you helped a struggling performer finally get things right.

You see people at their best and some at their worst; but the organization is better off because you put people first.


Just a bit of fun to brighten your day. If you enjoyed this – and who wouldn’t 🙂 – here’s another one for Project Managers.

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