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8 Behaviors of Successful Creatives Job Aid

Last summer, I wrote a post about being more creative. In it, I shared a process that a colleague and I developed and taught to thousands of people around the world. Many found the process simple and insightful.

I thought my readers might find a quick graphic or ‘job aid’ helpful as they work to employ the process in their lives.  You can download a pdf of the graphic on the ‘Tools’ page. Just scroll down until you find the ‘8 Behaviors of Successful Creatives’ pdf.

Working on Your Personal Brand

Whether you realize it or not, you have a personal brand.

More importantly, that brand is constantly being defined, redefined, built-up, torn-down, and reconfigured.

I invite you to think about four keys to building an effective personal brand. These are:



Results, and

Schultz Has Left the Coffee Shop. Wake-up & Smell 3 Leader Lessons

The business world has watched Howard Schultz slow departure from Starbucks. He stepped down as CEO in April 2016 and as of this month transition to chairman emeritus. Many believe he will now turn his attention to brewing up a U.S. Presidential candidacy in 2020 (Fortune).

Upon his departure, I think it useful to spend a few minutes looking at what we can learn from the long-term steward of the coffee behemoth and his tenure as CEO.

These 5 Remarkable Practices Will Transform Your Organization

The principles of proactivity, execution, productivity, and trust underlie every truly great organization. These five practices leverage those principles and are foundational to sustainable success in any industry.

Do you want to change your organization for the better? Then put these five remarkable practices to work for you, your team, and your organization:

Trying to Find Your Fit?

If you are trying to find your fit, to discover your unique contribution, or determine your voice, consider starting with these questions.  No, they won’t be the final answer, but may get you on the “right” path.

Download a pdf version of this image by clicking on the Tools tab and scrolling down to the ‘contribution questions’ link.

Money Questions

I recently created this tool to help you think through money issues that each of us should be able to answer.  You can read more about the concept in this article.

You can also visit the tools page by clicking the tab in the menu bar to download a PDF version of the image.

Costco Stock Soars; How You Can Make “Wholesale” Customer Loyalty Changes

It took retail giant and wholesaler Costco less than thirty years to become the second largest retailer in the USA and seventh in the world—without advertising. How? By growing a worldwide base of intensely loyal customers and employees, many of whom “wouldn’t shop/work anywhere else.”

Just last week, Costco’s earning report beat expectations for both top and bottom line (CNBC). The stock closed at $204.50 per share this week. That represented the high water mark in the company’s history.

Make Yourself Invaluable

Over the past 25+, I have been surrounded by many top performers:

  • Courageous fellow paratroopers in the U.S. Army
  • Amazing colleagues at both a global consulting firm and my own professional services agency
  • Outstanding clients I’ve supported throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia
  • Brilliant students at one of the nation’s top universities


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