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The Power of 20 Minutes: What You, Tom Brady, and Ed Sheeran Have in Common

I saw an NFL football schedule for the coming season and I couldn’t help but reflect on the recent Super Bowl and the power of 20 minutes.

The majority of the game was a lopsided affair with the Atlanta Falcons dominating all of the first half and most of the third quarter.

Then, things changed.

Down 25 points, the Patriots managed to stage an epic comeback. They rattled off 31 unanswered points and won the first ever Super Bowl game that went to overtime.

The monumental change happened in about 20 minutes of playing time. Proving yet again that amazing things can be done in 20 minutes.

The Power of 20 Minutes

Not long ago, I heard Sheeran interviewed on the radio. The show’s host asked the musician how long it took to write the hit song “Thinking Out Loud.

Sheeran’s answer “20 minutes”.

At the time, I thought Wow, that’s amazing! 

It seems nearly unbelievable that, standing in his kitchen, Sheeran wrote a song in 20 minutes that sold 4 million copies in the U.S. and millions more worldwide.

Then I learned of other songs created in just 20 minutes:

Sam Smith wrote the hit song “Writings on the Wall featured in the Bond movie Spectre in 20 minutes. The song skyrocketed to No. 1 the first week it was released with 70,000 purchases and streams.

Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” which, according to record producer The-Dream, was completed in just 20 minutes. Globally, the song sold 6.1 million copies in 2009.

Jason Mraz wrote “I’m Yours” in 20 minutes. This song holds the record for weeks spent on the Billboard Chart 100 in the United States at 76 weeks.

I’ve heard similar stories about songs written by the Beatles, Smashing Pumpkins, and a bunch of other artists.

Even country music legend Hank Williams had something to say about the power of 20 minutes.

“If a song can’t be written in 20 minutes, it ain’t worth writing.” – Hank Williams

I invested 20-minutes digging deeper into the 20-minute concept and found that much is said about its power.

  • Sales people speak to the importance of investing 20 minutes to research and plan for a client meeting.
  • Time management experts discuss investing 20 minutes to plan your day.
  • Organizers argue that investing 20 minutes to clean up your closet, your office, or some other untidy place makes a huge difference.
  • Fitness enthusiasts boast the impact of investing just 20 minutes in an intense work-out.
  • Health gurus say investing 20 minutes in a quality nap will leave you rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of the day.
  • And, the list goes on….

Your turn…

It probably took you 1-2 minutes to read this post. That leaves you about 18 minutes to create, plan, relax, connect, prepare, improve, or accomplish something of importance.

Once you do it, I invite you to come back and leave a comment sharing what you accomplished.

Perhaps your 20-minute result will inspire others.

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