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This page includes tools designed to help you implement the ideas shared throughout this website. I will continue to add tools every week to this page.

Click the links below to view or download a particular tool.


People Development

STARS Assessment

Use this tool to assess how well your team or organization is doing at implementing and maintaining the following programs:  Sponsorship & Onboarding, Training & Development, Accountability, Relationships, and Succession Planning. Read about the STARS concept here.

IDEA Document

This tool is designed to start the performance conversation. It helps team members and team leaders to come to agreement on 4 key performance areas at the outset of the performance period. Click here to read a short article that discusses the purpose of this form.

6 Money Questions

Use this tool as you consider your personal financial situation. Answering these 6 questions will allow you to better understand your short-term and long-term financial needs and hopefully allow you to start planning today for the future.

Personnel Assessment – Right People – Right Places

Use this simple tool to assess your team members. It provides space to capture your thoughts  on each team member’s placement, skills, strengths/weaknesses, promotion potential, etc.

Mentor Roles

A basic tool for identifying mentor roles and responsibilities. Potential answers are provided, but the power is in thinking through the answers yourself.


Message Assessment

If you are struggling to get your messages to cut through the noise, consider using this tool to assess how simple, bold, and engaging they are. You can use this tool yourself, or better yet, ask others to look at your messages (emails, videos, images, advertisements, etc.) and complete the assessment. Click here to watch a video and read about one Nashville Landmark that gets it right.

Words Have Meaning Exercise

Use this tool to help people understand the importance of words and how people often have different thoughts regarding the same term. The document includes exercise instructions for someone to facilitate the discussion, as well as, a tool that each participant can use.

Strategies & Goals

Weekly Activity Assessment

Designed to help individuals and team members to have a discussion about the work they do and what truly matters versus what is merely busyness.

PIE chart

This is a framework you can use to plan, implement, and evaluate strategy. It provides a simple approach without being overly simplistic. Download the image as tool to remind you of the process as you work to create and execute on your organization’s goals.

PIE Quick Assessment

Use this tool to identify how well your team’s goals are aligned with the most important goals of the organization and how prepared your team is to successfully accomplish its goals.

Customer Perspective Matrix

Use this tool to assess the various customers that your team serves in an attempt to better understand what matters to your customers and how your team can affect your customer’s priorities. Spending time completing this exercise will allow you to better focus your limited resources on things that truly matter to your customers.

Setting Strategic Priorities Matrix

A simple tool that individuals and teams can use to identify strategic priorities. The tool allows for robust discussion and collaborative selection.

Strategic Goal Evaluation 5×5 Matrix

Trying to set team goals? Use this tool for team members to evaluate goal ideas against five key criteria. Excellent way for teams to come to agreement on a few critical goals. This tool can be used in conjunction with the Setting Strategic Priorities Matrix.

Goal Restraining and Advancing Tool

If you are working to accomplish a goal and want to explore what is holding you back and pushing you forward, use this tool. It allows you to think through issues and put the right amount of effort behind an initiative.

Mission Statement Brainstorming Tool

Use this tool with your team members or organization leaders to brainstorm the key components of a mission statement. The answers to these questions will help to craft a statement that captures the purpose of your team or mission of your organization.

Vision Statement Brainstorming Tool

Use this tool with your team members or organization leaders to brainstorm the key components of a vision statement. The answers to these questions will help to craft a statement that captures the long-term vision for your team or organization.

Training and Development

Framework for Training ROI

Simple ‘cheatsheet’ to get your thinking about leaders, employees, trainers, and the organization can participate in improve the impact of an organization’s learning and development investments.

Team Leader Assessment

A quick assessment for new and emerging leaders to assess how they lead others. Perfect self-reflection for a team leader looking to increase self-awereness.



A quick tool to help you plan for your next meeting.  Covers a wide range of issues you need to address to have an effective meeting.

Meeting Agenda Matrix

Simple tool to help you plan the agenda for your next meeting.

meeting bingo

Have a bit of fun at your next meeting. Play a game of meeting bingo with your teammates to see if you’ve fallen into any ruts.


Resume Words that Work

If you are working to create a resume that will capture attention and get you the interview, download and use this tool to help you get started.

Resume Assessment Tool

Use this tool to assess your resume and see if it is ready to go. Questions are designed to prompt reflection about your resume and create a pre-release checklist of sorts.



Note: These tools are not intended for resale. I provide them to my readers for use with their teams and organizations. If you wish to resell this content, please contact send us a note.


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