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What One Olympian Teaches Us About Teamwork (Hint: It’s Not About Medals, Pence, or Xanax)

Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon has captured the attention of many over the last couple of weeks. You are likely aware of one, if not several things, that put Rippon into the public eye.

To me, the one thing that truly stands out about Rippon isn’t the thing that garnered most attention…

It’s Not About Medals

The One Word You Must Start Saying

Imagine that your organization has been struggling with an issue for a long, long time. Occasionally, the problem goes away; but, it inevitably reappears. People are frustrated with this reoccurring and costly issue.

If you are struggling to identify a problem in your world, allow me to jog your thinking with a few ideas:

3 Brand Lessons from Walt Disney World

Are you looking to improve your personal brand? Has your organization’s brand(s) become a bit stagnant?

In invite you to take a few minutes to join me during a recent trip I made to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. While I was three, I picked up three valuable brand lessons that you should consider for yourself or your organization.

5 Behaviors of True Win-Win Negotiators

Whether you realize it or not, your life is a series of negotiations. Some are grand negotiations that come rarely come along and require sizable effort (e.g., buying a house, negotiating a job offer, or acquiring a new business). Other negotiations are more commonplace (e.g., settling on a movie with a friend, picking a family vacation spot, or determining how to spend a small financial windfall).

4 Steps to Sky High Customer Service

The overhead bins were nearly full, but it appeared that all of the carryon luggage would find a secure home. The last few passengers were settling into their seats, when the plane’s captain emerged from the cockpit and to make an announcement.

He introduced himself as Captain Tim and welcomed everyone aboard for what he promised to be an uneventful and safe journey. Captain Tim had a pleasant disposition, an apparent firm grasp of his role, and a dash of humor that no doubt put anxious passengers at ease.

Resume Tools that Work

I’ve recently added a couple of tools to help you improve your resume. Simply go to the tools page and scroll down to the bottom of the page. While you’re there, check out the 25+ other tools available to help you and your team win!

Ode to a Project Manager

You rush from the meeting with a new project assigned,

Less than an hour in charge, yet your three days behind.


On your computer you create a new file folder,

Soon to be filled with interviews of each stakeholder.


One executive thinks the project is the most important ever,

Want to Have a Great Meeting? Start Here…

Good meetings start with great preparation. 

Here’s a free tool you can use to set the agenda for your next meeting.

3 Quick steps:

1.  Go to

2.  Scroll down to the section marked “Meetings”

3.  Download the Agenda Planning Matrix 

Collision of Autobiographies

In the United States alone, some 94% of annual car accidents (over 2 million of them) are the result of human error (U.S., DOT). This staggering statistic is a huge catalyst for the self-driving car movement.

I’m cautiously optimistic that self-driving vehicles will save many lives in the future.


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